About us

   Our company has a long and rich history in the production, processing,  packaging and trade  of quality agricultural products.
The beginning was made 25 years ago with the production and trade of grapes to produce wine.

CretaVita supply in the Greek and international market a wide range of Cretan quality products with high nutritional value.

   In the dynamics of the company was added a modern production unit for extra virgin olive oil from olives by the wider region of Messara.

The first unit for olive oil production followed by a second only for extracting olive oil from organic cultivation.

Then the company adds to the dynamics the appropriate electromechanical equipment for the production and standardization of various quality products of the Cretan land.

Today 25 years after we are proud because efforts and hard work of these years bear fruit worthy of our expectations.

So today we are pleased with confidence and sense of responsibility to give to our consumer quality products with Cretan trade name CretaVita*.

The trade name CretaVita derives from Latin words and means the life of Crete .

The keeping of traditional processing methods

   CretaVita supply in the Greek and international market a wide range of Cretan quality products with high nutritional value.

The eager to work, honesty, proper and dignified treatment of our customers, our valorizes as one of the top companies in the manufacturing, marketing, processing and packaging of agricultural products.

Η CretaVita has as its purpose and aim:

  • Addressing the customer primarily as a collaborator.
  • Production of virgin products
  • Ensuring the quality of food
  • The exploitation of new technologies
  • The keeping of traditional processing methods
  • Certification
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an authentic Greek, with an extremely fine taste


The production of CretaVita is completely monitored and programmed.
We utilize the knowledge that exists in the wider field of Information TechnologyTechnology to provide systematically and accurately complete consulting services for the agricultural field.

The preparation begins from the farm where they are given guidelines to farmers by experienced staff of our company. 

The harvesting, processing, manufacturing and packaging of agricultural products covered by strict quality control and hygiene. Raw materials, mechanical equipment and the whole process controls are set by the supervising certification agencies and inspection.

Stay in contact: info@cretavita.gr
Cal us:  +30 69 870 075 20

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