Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO meets all the requirements to be one of the best olive oils in the world rankings.
Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO

Thin, delicious with a rich bouquet of aromas and flavor characteristics. With the first contact with it, you will taste the real pleasure that gives you this extra virgin olive oil of CretaVita.

In various packaging, easy, discreet perfect decorative on the bench in your kitchen. Ideal to take with you the countryside, the camping, and also to offer as a gift to your friends.

You will find it in tins of 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L glass bottle type marasca of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil by CretaVita with acidity less than 0.8 is a product that is produced to the fertile plains of Mesara in the center of Crete.

Its high quality and nutritional value of this product is due to several factors, including:


The climate of Crete is Mediterranean, dry-thermal, conditions excellent for the production of olive oil. The abundant sunshine which is at least three hundred days per year is a major factor for the excellent production. At the same time while the olive tree needs abundant sunshine, does not like to very high temperatures of the summer.  

The climate of Crete combines all the above. Abundant sunshine and moderate maximum temperatures. However, the great advantage unique worldwide is the rich in sunshine autumn, when olive oil is formed in the olives fruits.

The influence of soil type is a very important factor. In the wider area of Mesara the most soils are high in calcium carbonate content (Calcareous soils). At this type of soils the produced olive oil is more thin with excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Olive Tree, Crete Island, November


The production of olives in the region of Mesara is follow traditional method of cultivation. The harvesting is done manually. Immediately after the harvesting, the same day is produced in the factory the CretaVita Extra Virgin Olive Oil by using the cold extract method. Specific attention is given in order the olive fruit to give the olive oil in the same day.

Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of CretaVita, is stored in stainless steel tanks made of  special stainless steel appropriate for olive oil storage. The storage temperature is less than 20 ° C away from light. 

The packaging is made with modern machinery, the sticking of the labels, printing of the appropriate information’s (date, code production, quality, etc.). The olive oil is distributed in the markets in the same year so that the consumer has fresh olive oil all the year.

Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO


1. Tins
Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO packaging

Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO packaging

2. Bottle
Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO packaging
3. Small bottle
Extra virgin olive CretaVita and BIO EVOO packaging

... and coming soon Premium Packaging
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